Wednesday, 21 August 2013

♥I ♡ drugstore make-up TAG ♥

I've been seeing this tag float around YouTube for a while and I've been wanting to do it for ages. Obviously I don't have a YouTube channel to record one for so I'm going to do a blog post on it. Enjoy x 



1) what is your favourite drugstore make up brand?
My favourite is Rimmel. Almost all my foundations and powders are from Rimmel. All round a very good drugstore product. 

2) What is your favourite face, cheek and lip products? 
Face product is the stay matte powder by Rimmel London. Cheek is the sleek blushers or the collection blushes. Lip is the Rimmel apocalips new lipsticks. 

3) Least favourite product? 
The products I don't like is the MUA blushers. I think their not as pigmented as they could be and don't look very good on the skin ( don't shoot me I know many people love them blushers but they are just not for me) 
4)  What is the best make-up bargain? 
The collection concealer is the best in my opinion. I love it and I have re-purchased the product so many times. Such a good product for the price. 

5) What is your favourite underdog product? ( Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
I found a blush from collection a while back and I used it the other day and I love it. It's very pigmented and for the price I think is good. Not many people hype about them but I think they need to be recognised more. ( btw didn't know what this question was asking so I answered the way I thought) 

6) a drugstore product that is overpriced? 
Any revlon foundations. I saw one the other day that was £20 and I think that is way to much for a drugstore product. I don't even really like the revlon products.

7) any drugstore dupes?
I never used these products but my mum found out about these. The mac paint pots are around £18 pound I think? But the best dupe for bare study by mac is the barley branded by maybelline. Maybelline ones are only £4.99 I think? So great dupes.

8) Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype? 
The collection big fake unlimite mascara. Everyone was raving about this because its so cheap but it didn't do anything for my lashes apart from clog up my lashes and it looked horrible. My personal opinion but if you try it and it works for you let me know. I may be doing something wrong haha.

So that is all for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite drugstore products and my not so favourite products. 
Thank you for reading  x x 

Monday, 19 August 2013

♥ 25 facts about me ♥

Time for some bonding time, you won't be finding everything out about me but you will be finding out 25 fun facts about me.

1) I'm a shy person with people I haven't met before but once I'm comfortable around you some people would say I'm erm, crazy?
2) I'm addicted to twitter (follow me, @twerks4luke)
3) costa is my FAVOURITE place ever.
4) I have anxiety quite bad..
5) social situations where I don't exactly know everyone scare me.
6) I love listening to peoples problems and helping them out
7) I want to go to Disney land before I'm 18.
8) I have two Chihuahuas and two fish.
9) I love all my best friends
10) I used to have a YouTube channel when I was like 11 and I used to sing on it, no-one but my best friend  Demi knew about me. It's gone now, deleted. So embarrassing.
11) I've wanted to start this whole blogging thing for ages now but only just plucked up the confidence to start one.
12) I'm a very fussy eater, but I am getting better
13) In 9 days I'm going on holiday to turkey with one of my best friends and my family YAY.
14) I bruise like a peach, at this moment in time I have a big green bruise on my leg and two bruises on each arm. Don't ask my how they got there.
15) I want to go to America just to eat all their food that we don't have here.
16) I would love to move to Australia or America one day.
17) I'm obsessed with the Janoskians. YouTube them they will make your day seriously. Love them so much. ( that's why my twitter name isn't my actual name)
18) I don't like going to concerts because of my anxiety but I'm going to start pushing my self to go because I the atmosphere is so good at concerts especially v festival.
19) I've had a best friend since I was 2 (don't know if she wants to be mentioned but she is ok) her names Demi and she pushed me to do so many things I wouldn't have done otherwise. She's changed me as a person but for the better.
20) I like Disney channel still and I'm nearly 15.
21) I never ever know what to ask for my birthday and Christmas. But I don't like surprises so do you see my problem?
22) I have a phobia of moths, there's an actual thing for it. It's called Mottephobia. I have it real bad.
23) I have no talents, like at all.
24) I love flying and that's what I'm most looking forward to when I go in holiday.
25) I can't wait to have my own house and family and learn how to drive. It sounds weird but yeah I can't wait.

I hope you guys enjoyed and learnt something about me. Might make
Reading my blog posts a little bit more interesting.
Love you all who's read this, means so much x 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

♥ Favourites so far this month: August ♥

So to ease me into the whole blogging thing, I shall be speaking about some of my favourites throughout this month. I know we are only half way through the month but I have a variety to talk about all ready.

Beauty Favourites

My first beauty favourite is this foundation I have been loving. It is by Rimmel London and is the Wake me up foundation. This foundation is very dewy and gives you a very nice glow after using it. It has very good coverage and the colour matching it spot on. I don't think i will be changing foundations anytime soon.

My second beauty favourite is my Barry M Gelly nail polishes. Barry m has always been my favourite nail brand, but no brand can beat these Gelly nail polishes. If you take your time these honestly look like you have been to a salon to get them done. My favourite one is in the colour 'Grapefruit, number 324' and is a very pretty pink colour.

My third beauty favourite is a hair product. Now dry shampoo has been a life saver these past months . My favourite one is the Batiste Dry Shampoo. The fruity and cheeky cherry one is my favourite scent. I have gone through bottles and bottles of this stuff and it still remains one of my favourites. It adds volume and eliminates any oil that is on show. All round a very good product for all hair types.

My fourth and my last beauty product is a moisturiser I have been using. I started using this half way through July. At first I didn't like it, but now I'm really enjoying using it and can see a massive difference in my skin. It's by simple and it's the Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. I use this before I put my make up on, just before my primer and it makes my foundation look even more flawless. I can even sometimes miss out the primer step, which is sometimes very necessary when I'm in a rush.

All four beauty products I really recommend, all at very cheap prices aswell and can be found at most drugstores.

Random Favourites

My food favourite is a costa drink. It is the, white chocolate and raspberry creamy cooler. They are so creamy and refreshing and a very good treat to have. Costa is one of my favourite places to go as we don't have a Starbucks near us and that is a favourite of mine as well. I have been recently going to
costa a lot with my mum just for some bonding time, and this drink is what I get nearly every single time.

Another food favourite is my favourite ice creams. I haven't been eating many of these recently because I have been healthy eating for my holiday that's coming up. But when I fancied a treat this is what I'd had. Nobbly Bobblys. There isn't much to say about these ice creams apart from they are the best and my summer go to ice cream.

My music favourite of the month is definitely 'Best Song Ever by One Direction.' It's a very catchy and good song, plus I love the music video. I imagine most of you have listened or watched the music video to this song because it has over 74 million views. That is cray cray.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

First Blog Post..

So, I'm Paige Murphy. A 14 year old girl who loves everything beauty. Im new to this, so dont judge me. This blog was inspired by the many blogs I read. Especially my favourites Louise Pentland (sprinkleofglitter) and Zoe Sugg (zoella). I really hope this turns out the way I would like it to. But that all depends on the content on which I provide. I started this blog because I am not confident enough to make YouTube videos, I hope to in the future but everyone's got to start somewhere aye?

I think (not 100% sure) will be writing anything beauty related and lifestyle. Things I have enjoyed this month, things I like. New buys maybe? Anything you guys all suggest. I would like to post regularly but as I'm new to this and their is probably no-one even reading this. I won't have a definite schedule to stick to.

So I hope everyone enjoys this, and it's a blog they enjoy reading and sometimes makes them smile. If I can do that then ill be happy:) I hope this blog improves and gets more readers because I can tell not many people will like this at first. I will improve I promise.

See you next time I post. 
Bye guys x